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Backatcha Books produces mobile and web based applications for children. Focused on early childhood development in reading, math, and language, a Backatcha Book utilizes a child's own recorded voice and user captured content to build a blended and personal narrative into the learning experience.


Our methodology aims to improve the long term memory retention with a heightened and personal engagement in the story or lesson.


Our mission is to advance and nurture the cognitive abilities of developing children with an engaging experience. With your child as an active participant in the reading process, a Backatcha Book fosters and reveals the creativity of your budding readers.


Why Kids Love Backatcha Books...

- Children love to hear their own voice and their funny morphed voice too !

- Independence, children have control over the story…

- Empowerment -- talking about their world.

- Reading can be different each time incorporating new


- Find rewards, hidden objects, and fun interactive animation    



Why Parents Love Backatcha Books…

- Your child’s world and thoughts are drawn into the stories.

- Observe your child's imagination and creative thinking.

- Accelerate reading skills with a personal context and playful


- Make reading time active, not passive.

- No advertising and no personal information is ever collected or shared.



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