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iSammy Too

ages 4-6












Laugh and learn with Sammy as your child records their own voice into this new and different recordable storybook concept from Backatcha Books. Together, you can explore the world of Sammy the Suitcase as he travels with his childhood friends and gets rediscovered as an important part of the family.


iSammy promotes creativity and empowers the reader as the co-author.  For you, the parent, a window opens into the world of your child allowing them to record their friend's names, favorite places, or whatever is on their mind.  Imagine their memories or a day at school steering an autobiographical story!  Reading time is transformed. 


Each page of this animated story has an easy-to-use record and play button shaped like a cloud and in-line with the text.  Encourage your child to think of a word or phrase and then hold down the cloud while they speak.  It fills with red while recording.   Release, and it turns green--ready for playback.







Based on the original story named "Sammy the Suitcase" by Marygrace Drucker, a retired elementary educator from New Jersey, "iSammy Too" is a classic storybook leveraging today's technology.  Stunning classic artwork coupled with vivid sound effects and many interactive touch animations make iSammy a treat for the eyes and ears of your child. Find the moose and squirrel on each page and get ready to laugh!.


Sammy the Suitcase also talks to your child asking if they are a boy or a girl at the opening of the story. This allows the app to tailor the page colors, characters, and toys.


Reading has never been more fun and creative.



iSammy (iOS) is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program.

To learn more, click on the seal or go to 






Starring the gregarious and fun loving character Sammy the Suitcase, "iSammy Too" is the first in a series of children's storybook apps from Backatcha Books.


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